Martes, Setyembre 21, 2004


They beat the hell out of us. They scream at us. They spit at us. They throw us down and rage in our faces: we are no good - evil - stupid. We can't do anything right. No matter what we do, no matter what we say, no matter how we try to defend ourselves, they will take us by the hair and pound us until their rage is abated for the moment. Then, spent, there will be the blame -

"Look at what you made me do."

It's the little things that set them off. Something that no one else would even think anything about, they are suddenly up and after us, and we can cower in the corner and explain why we were doing it - but it won't help. It doesn't matter what we do, because WE are really what the Left hates. They just want us to just stand there, and give them an excuse to do it all again. They need a repository for their rage, and America is so convenient.

Attacked? We brought it on ourselves.

Why would one of the Left's Friends attack us, unless we deserved it?

We shouldn't have said what we said - what ever that was.

We shouldn't have done what we did - what ever that was.

It doesn't matter that the attack was so awful, or that the perpetrators were so evil. If we hadn't been standing there, just being so - so - AMERICA - we wouldn't have been attacked. Why, they want to kill us too. The Left oughta destroy us. Whore. To the moon...

Maybe our attackers ought to come over more often - our fear is funny to watch. If we weren't such a bitch, the Left's friends wouldn't attack us now, would they?

And in the back of our head, we think - maybe it's time to leave. Maybe, even as bad as we are, America would be better off without the Left -

"You can't leave!" they rage - America needs them. We need them to tell us what to do; we are too stupid, too ignorant, too evil to live without them. We'd be NOTHING without them...

Who's going to take care of us if we leave the Left? No one will want us; fat, lazy America - so hick, so ugly. America thinks it's so good, huh? Think we're so pure, bitch? No one will EVER want us after the Left gets finished with us -

And the Left starts to prove it. They show pictures to humiliate America. They lie to our friends. They tell damaging secrets to the world. We weep. It is so true - America is not perfect. But some of these - these are outright lies.

Maybe we could call our friends...

No! they scream. Those aren't America's friends. Those people America call friends are no friends to the Left. And so the Left rants against those who try to help us - the Left smears them, denigrates them, tells us that our friends will abandon us when they see us without the Left. The Left, they tell us, is the ONLY reason anyone puts up with us - we will be alone.

With all the screaming, and the chaos, and the protests, it's so hard to think. We just want it to end. America believes, if we just do what the Left tells us to do, they'll stop beating us up. They'll stop hurting us. They'll stop lying and yelling if we just do what they say - but wait -

That's never worked.

They never stop. America does what the Left says, and the Left finds something else to be angry about; the Left finds something else to hate about us. The Left will never be happy because - because -

They do not love us.

Maybe, just maybe America is not the problem - maybe the Left is the problem.

We have to leave.

It is time to leave.

And the chorus of screaming from the Left will grow louder, and louder - if we try to leave the Left, they'll KILL us, they SWEAR IT -

but what will the Left do to America if we don't leave?

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