Huwebes, Setyembre 23, 2004

None Dare Call It Treason

It is clear - what the John Kerry and the Democrats are doing is NOT patriotism, it's treasonous MURDER. Why are we so hesitant to say this? Why are we apologetic when we should be outraged?



New York Post

"September 23, 2004 -- Taking comfort from Kerry: Celebrating in Baghdad under the black flag of Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi's group around a burning U.S. tank. AFP

IMAGINE if, in the presidential election of 1944, the candidate opposing FDR had insisted that we were losing the Second World War and that, if elected, he would begin to withdraw American troops from Europe and the Pacific.

We would have called it treason. And we would have been right.

In WWII, broadcasts from Tokyo Rose in Japan and from Axis Sally in Germany warned our troops that their lives were being squandered in vain, that they were dying for big business and "the Jew" Roosevelt.

Today, we have a presidential candidate, the conscienceless Sen. John Kerry, doing the work of the enemy propagandists of yesteryear.

Is there nothing Kerry won't say to win the election? Is there no position he won't change? Doesn't he care anything for the sacrifices of our troops in Iraq?

And if he does care about our soldiers and Marines, why is he broadcasting remarks that insist - against all hard evidence - that the terrorists are winning?"


This must be made clear, somehow, some way. Does anyone remember March of 2004? Before the Democrats began their onslaught against the war in Iraq? Deaths, though still grievously mourned, slowed dramatically; the reconstruction was well underway. A hopeful beginning was being unveiled. Then Teddy Kennedy stood up and declared, out of the blue, that Iraq was "our Vietnam" - and suddenly all hell broke loose. Deaths in April skyrocketed. The enemy saw an out - and they have continued to pound us, believing that if they could just cause enough bloodshed, the American public would demand a withdrawal...

just like they did in Vietnam.

I wonder who gave them that idea?

Let us be honest, finally, about who gave them that idea...

John Kerry slaughtered one generation of American soldiers in Vietnam, using this same tactic - slander the soldier, slander the cause, and promise to meet the enemy on their own terms. His meeting in Paris personally extended the war by one year, causing the deaths of 20,000 American Soldiers.

Now he comes again, damning the war, denigrating the soldier, bending towards Baghdad with promises of withdrawal and capitulation.

I'll be damned if he does it on my watch.

It's time somebody called out this treasonous liar for what he is - a murdering narcissist who cares nothing for peace, nothing for truth, and everything for himself. John Kerry is backed by a group of leftist thugs who love nothing more than to burn down a village in the name of peace, or to beat up a soldier in the name of tolerance. These pigs are at it again, and they think they can get away with it...

They're wrong. This ends here. NOW.

How many American soldiers have to die before these slavering ghouls will stop? They gather around the glowing candles, drooling over the dead while they weep for the camera. But when real mourners come to grieve, they draw back their lips to reveal fangs, savaging the true victims.

The Left loves the blood. Every dead American Soldier is one more notch in their ideological gun, one more reason to raze the nation. They love to tear down, to destroy, to wreck in the name of "protest". They love to spew venom in the name of "free speech". Theirs is no sorrow for the dead - just the sadistic, onanistic joy they feel in knowing that another American Soldier has died.

What a photo op! What a thrill! What a pleasure to know that the "grim milestone" has been reached - why, surely they can get a photo-op out of this one! The Leftists fly to the graveside to find some weeping relatives to interview -

and they descend, vultures feeding off the raw emotion of the living left behind.

How many American Soldiers must die to satisfy the Left? How many more will be killed to expedite the Left's rise to power? How many more must fall before we realize that Kerry's criticisms and calls to withdraw are really the causes of their deaths?

This is not patriotism. It never was. It is just as wrong today as it was thirty years ago, and it will still be just as wrong a hundred years from now. It is not patriotism; it is treason, it is murder, and it is OVER. John Kerry at last must be called by his true names, and by his fruits he must be known - liar, traitor, murderer of the American Soldier.

The time has come to call it treason.

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