Sabado, Setyembre 18, 2004

Kerry Supporters Attack, Mock Three-Year Old Child

Just how desperately does a man need to be b*tch-slapped when he stoops to tear up the sign of a child? Just how desperately do the people in the background need to taught a lesson in "pick on someone your own size, moron" language when they mock and taunt a crying three-year-old?

Just how freakin' desperately does someone need to open a Texas-sized can of Whoop-*ss on these Kerry supporters?

They need it as desperately as John Kerry need votes. They need it as desperately as this country needs to wake up and see that THESE mofo's are the people John Kerry calls "the salt of the earth" They need to be pummeled and schooled in the ways of civilization as desperately as their mama needs to beat them for being the best excuse for birth control God ever made.

They need to be taught a lesson desperately, my friends, desperately. I propose we teach them that if they want to act like Bruce Dern from "The Cowboys", we will act like John Wayne and kick their *ss.

If this is what Kerry calls "support", then Kerry is an atrocity-committing, civilian-shooting, village-burning babykiller.

I rest my case.

ADDENDUM: If you want to know how threatened these children felt, just look at young blond-headed boy (excuse me, young MAN) on the right - fists clenched, face alert. He is the older brother of the three-year-old girl, and I have no doubt that he was more than willing to dole out some justice on the Kerry Thugs. Yes, indeed, these are the people who support John Kerry for president; people who intimidate and harrass children.

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